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Well that took a while


Finally, it's actually happening

In this first post i will explain a bit on what makes this website tick.


As a developer at heart i really wanted my custom blogging solution, since medium is behind a paywall and works but is no fun from a technical stand point.

After fiddling around with an apollo graphql solution, together with NextJs's incremental static generation i stumbled upon the current setup which already is production ready and highly customizable. (Thanks Timothy).

The stack

So what does the actual stack look like

  • NextJS
  • Markdown support
  • JSX in markdown support (MDX)
  • Tailwind 2.0


The deployment is done through circle ci which deploys the artifact to a home ran server (Intel NUC).

The way forward

I'll try to update this blog regularly with interesting topics which can be of a tech and nontechnical nature. Hopefully it can serve as a reference for others which struggle with a specific issue so that they don't have to spent their own time on solving a challenge.